hostapd with WPS/PBC setup has problems with Win7 clients

Jouni Malinen j at
Sat Feb 18 04:58:45 EST 2012

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 08:22:34PM +0100, Mustafa Yücel wrote:
> I try since a few days to get the push-button-connect feature working,
> only with partial success. the PBC setup works with my Android table as
> client, but I have troubles with Win7 clients (tested with a up-to-date
> Win7 handheld and a up-to-date Win7 laptop), I get the whole time this
> window:
> instead of this:

> I tested as far the following versions:
> a) release 0.7.3
> b) hostap.git 83fa07226debc2f7082b6ccd62dbb1cd47c30472
> c) hostap-1.git c9522b94c77733fcac8ebaed4ca71d2e0365b1cf

That hostap.git snapshot is quite old. I would suggest testing with the
current snapshot. That seems to result in the "You can also connect by
pushing the button on the router." dialog with the configuration file
you used and couple of Windows 7 devices I tested with. Then again, so
did the (c) (i.e., hostap_1_0_rc2) version for that matter. I'm testing
with OpenWRT/ath9k, but if you have WPS working in general, this should
not really be driver specific.

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