Hostapd WPA2 and XP Supplicant SUCCESS!

Iwo Mergler iwo at
Mon Jul 21 19:14:48 EDT 2008

Johannes Berg wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-07-21 at 12:17 +1000, Andrew Tarabaras wrote:
>> Just want to report success with Hostapd. I changed my hardware from the 
>> ralink rt73 to Broadcom B43. Started working straight away. I get 
>> beacons now.
> Heh.
>>   Im throwing my ralink hardware in the bin so I dont wast any more of 
>> my time on it.
> Send it to me so we can debug it ;) It should be beaconing really. I
> think my rt61pci does.

Even better, just wait a while. I fixed the beaconing on rt73 and those
patches are now in rt2x00 git and will hopefully go into 2.6.27.

Kind regards,


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