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> > Will wpa_supplicant run on Windows 98?
> I'm not sure.. I have heard some comments about wpa_supplicant on
> Windows 98; some seemed to indicate that it may have worked, at least
> with wired interface, others indicated some problems. I have not tested
> this myself nor have I new information for the current wpa_supplicant
> versions, so I would still categorize this as an open question. If you
> end up testing this, I would be interested in hearing results from the
> tests.

OK, I just downloaded wpa_supplicant versions 0.5.10,  0.4.11, and 0.3.11.
Got an error about PACKET.DLL, so I downloaded WinPcap 3.1 (latest version
that supports 98) to solve that problem.  I also downloaded

When I try to run wpa_gui.exe for version 0.5.10, I get a "A required .DLL
file, QT3SUPPORT4.DLL, was not found" error.  That file only includes mingwm10.dll, QtCore4.dll,
and QtGui4.dll.  Where can I get QT3SUPPORT4.DLL?

Also, when I try to run wpa_supplicant.exe version 0.5.10, I get a "The
WPA_SUPPLICANT.EXE file is linked to missing export
ADVAPI32.DLL:ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorA." error
message.  Is it calling an API that is not available in 98?

When I try version 0.4.11, I still get the QT3SUPPORT4.DLL error when I try
to run wpa_gui.exe.  But that's the only file that I can't run.

With version 0.3.11, the only thing that won't run is win_if_list.exe - it
causes an invalid page fault in module WPCAP.DLL.  But that's not a big deal
because all I need it for is to figure out the interface name, right?  And
the win_if_list.exe works fine in the other versions.

Let me know where I can find QT3SUPPORT4.DLL (and maybe another version of
ADVAPI32.DLL?) so that I can do more testing.  Thanks.
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