Segmentation Fault (Hostapd-0.5.7)

Nazeer Khan Nazeer.Khan at
Wed May 9 04:04:20 EDT 2007

> Jouni Malinen wrote:

> Could you please verify that cb is looking like a valid pointer? It
> should be pointing to setup_interface_done().

Sorry i was doing some mistake here in copying hapd->iface->setup_cb from
global HAPD to local HAPD. I myself modified hostapd code to implement
centralized authentication scheme in WLAN.

Thanks for the help.

> Could you please send your configuration file (feel free to remove any
> passwords and private data), so that I can try to reproduce this?

I guess its not needed now, coz the seg_fault was due to my silly mistake.


PS: There are a lot of changes from hostapd-0.4.9 to hostapd-0.5.7 and it
was difficult to move my code from previous version to the latest one due
to new data structures and functions. Anyways it done now :)

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