Need clarification on WPS IE support

CHui CHui at
Tue Apr 18 12:46:27 EDT 2006

> As far as I know there is no freebsd "port" for wpa_supplicant (there 
> used to be one but it was removed when wpa_supplicant was incorporated 
> into the base system).  Likewise trying to use wpa_supplicant unchanged 
> from Jouni's cvs may or may not work correctly--the freebsd support has 
> been decoupled and is maintained in freebsd so that it can track freebsd 
> api's w/o Jouni having to spin new wpa_supplicant distributions.  The 
> same holds for hostapd.
> 	Sam

I am unaware that wpa_supplicant is now part of the base system and
continued to use the cvs-ports wpa_supplicant v0.3.8.  Thanks for pointing
this out.

I have rebuilt the base wpa_supplicant from source and enable EAP-TTLS
support.  Now sp_scan=2 option does not cause core dump, but wpa_supplicant
has problem connecting to the AP using the non-broadcast SSID:

	wpa_driver_bsd_associate: ssid 'employee' wpa ie len 24 pairwise 2
group 2 key mgmt 0
	wpa_driver_bsd_associate: set PRIVACY 1
	ioctl[SIOCS80211, op 21, len 42]: Invalid argument
	Association request to the driver failed

I am cross posting this question to both hostap and freebsd.  If this is
just a driver issue, I will pursue this on the freebsd forum.

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