Hostap and kernel 2.6.16.x

Richard Farina r.farina at
Fri Apr 7 19:50:39 EDT 2006

I am having a bit of a confusion here with hostap.  I'll start with an
introduction, My name is Rick Farina, I'm one of the people that works
on aircrack-ng.  I'm building patches for raw packet tx and such.

I recently upgraded my kernel and found that hostap-driver-0.4.7 doesn't
seem to compile against kernel 2.6.16 and higher.

No problem I say, I'll use the in kernel hostap, but modinfo says that
is version 0.4.4-kernel (which seems to me is old)

Can someone please explain what's up with this? Is the hostap
0.4.4-kernel acctually newer than hostap-driver-0.4.7 (that's what the
gentoo folks imply), or what's going on?

If the kernel driver is newer, great, I'm all for updates, but if it's
not, what is the status of getting hostap-driver-0.4.7 or newer working
of kernel-2.6.16.x?

Thanks for the help folks, and keep up the good work :-)

-Rick Farina

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