Wpa_supplicant, Debian Meets Web Page

Gary Vollink lq at corvu.com
Wed Dec 21 11:06:30 EST 2005


I wrote and posted a web page for the use of two friends of mine.  Now,
if one were to type in "wpa debian" into Google - my page gets top
listing, and it's had more than 1000 hits so far this month.  So, before
the information I wrote does (more?) damage, could somebody (or many of
you) please look it over, and make sure it's not suggesting anything
particularly stupid?


See, I'm happy to help, but realized that if something I'm suggesting is
somehow against best practices (etc), that I could be doing more harm
than good.

(If you wish to reply directly, please use the Email address at the
bottom of the web page - otherwise, I will continue to monitor this list
for any critiques).

Thank you,
Gary Allen Vollink

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