Restarting after sleep questions

Jerry LeVan jerry.levan at
Mon Dec 5 13:55:43 EST 2005

Earlier I wrote:

    I have developed a problem with sleeping my laptop and WPA.
    I have developed a little bit of code that allows my laptop ( linux) to
    go to sleep when the lid is closed or some period of inactivity takes

    Short sleeps seem fine, ie the WPA stuff comes back to life. However
    after a long enough time of sleep ( not sure how long yet) Waking
    the laptop gives a system with no wireless capability.

    Kill wpa_supplicant and restarting wpa_supplicant does not seem to
    work either. (If I reboot the linksys router it will work...)

    I suspect that I will need to take down the connection completely just
    before sleep and then upon waking starting from scratch,

    What is  the best way to do this?  ( I don't have this problem
    with the system configured WEP).

Hmm, I noticed that if I kill wpa_supplicant and then restart
in debug mode that perhaps the reason for not being able
to reconnect was that wpa_supplicant could not get
a SSID match (it got '<hidden>' instead of the actual SSID.

I had the router config'ed *not* to broadcast the SSID. When
I turned on the 'Broadcast the SSID' option in the router, after
a couple of attempts a connection could be made. I will find
out tonight if this also cures the problem with a wake after
a long sleep.

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