Problem bringing up Netgear WG511 interface

Steven Ihde x-hostap at
Sat Dec 18 14:18:57 EST 2004

You need to run wpa_supplicant before pump.  No traffic other than the
WPA authentication will be able to pass before WPA is complete.  You
need to "ifconfig" the interface up before running wpa_supplicant.

Best to try to get it to work "manually" without the fancy "ifup"
stuff first:

ifconfig eth1 up
wpa_supplicant -i eth1 -D ndiswrapper -c ... [-d or -dd if you have trouble]
pump eth1 (I use dhclient3, not pump, not sure of the exact command line)

If that works, then try to get it to work with ifup.  My
/etc/network/interfaces looks like this:

iface ath0 inet dhcp
        wireless-essid xxx
        wireless-mode Managed
        pre-up wpa_cli -i $IFACE status > /dev/null 2>&1 || ip link set $IFACE up && wpa_supplicant -i $IFACE -D madwifi -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -B
        post-down pkill -f "^wpa_supplicant -i $IFACE" || true

The pre-up command uses wpa_cli to check if wpa_supplicant is already
running.  If not, it brings the low-level iface up (ip link set $IFACE
up; ifconfig $IFACE up would work too) and then runs wpa_supplicant.

post-down kills wpa_supplicant.


On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 18:56:44 +0000, Neil Jerram wrote:
> Hi there, I'm trying to bring up a wireless interface with the following 
> combination of hardware/environment/features.
> Netgear WG511 v3.0 ("Made in China" - i.e. the version that doesn't work 
> with the prism54 driver)
> Debian GNU/Linux (Knoppix -> Sarge)
> Kernel 2.6.8
> ndiswrapper 0.11
> wpasupplicant 0.2.5
> WPA encryption
> The AP is a Netgear DG834G
> DHCP so that the DG834G can give the WG511 its IP address, DNS etc.
> There is a parallel wired link from the PC to the DG834G, in the same 
> subnet, on eth0
> The immediate problem is that "ifup -v eth1" fails like this:
> =======================
> root at laruns:/home/neil# ifup -v eth1
> Configuring interface eth1=eth1 (inet)
> run-parts /etc/network/if-pre-up.d
> pump -i eth1
> Operation failed.
> Failed to bring up eth1.
> =======================
> But the wider problem is that I have no idea if I'm doing things in the 
> right order - specifically the interaction of:
> - ifup (and/or "ifconfig up" and/or "iwconfig" commands)
> - pump, for the DHCP
> - wpa_supplicant
> In the ifup example above, I've had wpa_supplicant running for a long 
> time as a daemon before issuing the ifup command:
> root at laruns:/home/neil# ps waux | grep wpa
> root      8224  0.0  0.3  3112  496 ?        Ss   Dec15   0:07 
> wpa_supplicant -B w -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -ieth1 -Dndiswrapper
> So, as a first pass at this problem, I wondered if anyone could spot any 
> fundamental problems with what I'm trying to do (e.g. use of DHCP, or 
> the parallel wired link); if not, then it would also be good if someone 
> could say whether my current order of events looks OK.
> I'm quite happy to supply lots of detailed config and debug output, but 
> I thought I should check for any blatant problems first.
> Many thanks!
> 	Neil
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