Does Hostap supports EAP-TTLS & EAP-PEAP authentication mechanism?

Preethi Mohan at
Tue Dec 14 22:19:50 EST 2004

Dear all,
    I'm new to 802.1x standard .I'm learning about the
authenticator.For this downloaded HostAP source code from the hostap
site.From the readme I got the information that HostAP code supports
EAP-MD5 & EAP-TLS and these two EAP types are tested also.
But I want to clarify whether the hostap authenticator supports
EAP-TTLS & EAP - PEAP authentication also?
If not is there any change required in the authenticator side to
support TTLS & PEAP.Or changes are required only in client and server
Also Can I use RADIUS & XSupplicant to test TTLS&PEAP?
Can anyone please help me .

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