It works!! Was Re: Used to work, now it doesn't!

Randy Johnson daltec at
Tue Dec 14 09:17:58 EST 2004

> I came with the same thing as you.But after I restarted the Redhat 
> box,everything was fine again.
> It works till now. Some other people told me,this usually happens 
> after a long-time inactive.Maybe
> you  can rename the essid, the AP may work again.But I have not 
> test this method.

Well, I was completely mystified last night, so I put the card into managed mode, and scanned for other APs, thinking perhaps the card had gone bad. I also set the essid to "any," and then to the specific name of my neighbor's AP. Then I put it BACK into master mode (without restarting the box) and checked on the upstairs client, but it was still not seeing the AP. So I shut everything off in disgust and went away. When I came BACK, and turned everything on, it was all working like a charm. Unbelievable.

So yeah, your advice seems 100% correct - resetting the essid, changing the AP mode, restarting the box, or a combination of all three must have done the trick, and now it is working great. As to what caused it to poop out in the FIRST place, well, I just don't know. Sun spots? Full moon? No clue.

But it is working NOW, and that is the thing, I guess. And here let me just sing the praises of Jouni and HostAP - what an AWESOME piece of work it all is. Thank you very much!!!

Also thanks to everybody for your advice and help; I really appreciate everybody taking the time to help me.

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