getting intra-AP QoS to work

Vaclav Dvorak vdvo at
Mon May 19 21:15:48 EDT 2003

Hello, list!

Does anyone know how to make QoS and iptables packet filtering work for 
packets that are forwarded between clients of one AP? It has been 
suggested in the past that this can be done by setting 
ap_bridge_packets=0 and using "Linux bridge code with netfilter hook", 
or having "something doing the bridging back to the same interface (or 
routing without ICMP redirects, if that is more appropriate)". See the 
following articles:

Just as the poster in the last linked article, I wonder how exactly this 
can be done. Has anyone managed to make it work, or is it just a 
theoretical possibility? Do you have any advice?


Vaclav Dvorak  <vdvo at>

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