getting intra-AP QoS to work

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Tue May 20 00:37:32 EDT 2003

on exists patch, which rewrites destirnation MAC adress to
MAC of  wlan, so all packets are "redirected" to kernel (to QoS and
It's not clear, but works.


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Subject: getting intra-AP QoS to work

> Hello, list!
> Does anyone know how to make QoS and iptables packet filtering work for
> packets that are forwarded between clients of one AP? It has been
> suggested in the past that this can be done by setting
> ap_bridge_packets=0 and using "Linux bridge code with netfilter hook",
> or having "something doing the bridging back to the same interface (or
> routing without ICMP redirects, if that is more appropriate)". See the
> following articles:
> Just as the poster in the last linked article, I wonder how exactly this
> can be done. Has anyone managed to make it work, or is it just a
> theoretical possibility? Do you have any advice?
> Thanks!
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