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Mon Mar 3 09:05:30 EST 2003

Drafts are not available to the public, but only to members of the working 
group or other associated working groups. Becoming a member usually 
involves attending a meeting of the IEEE, but you may try to ask the 
chairman of the task group ou working group to get access to the documents.

The 802.11 home page is at:

Note that 802.1 members have access to 802.11 documents, as well as members 
of the IETF EAP working group (hint hint).

Also, the latest 802.11f draft is D5.0 from January.

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At 14:52 03/03/2003, carmat at wrote:
>I need to obtain the latest version of the IEEE 802.11F draft (IAPP). I
>have found D3.1 (April 2002), but i have read on this mailing list that
>there exist a most recent version D5.1 not publicly available. I would like
>to buy it from the IEEE (with the help of the University of Milan). What
>kind of subscription could i do to get it ?? There is a way to buy it 
>? Can you tell me the link on the IEEE site ? I have searched on it, but
>there is no trace of the Draft 802.11F D5.1 in the shopping section...
>Thanks a lot.
>Matteo Carlini
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