Hostap and Mandrake 9.0

Dennis Fisher dfisher at
Mon Mar 3 11:24:36 EST 2003

I have been trying to install HostAP on my Mandrake 9.0 installation and it has been going a little bumpy.

I am pretty sure this is an easy thing to correct and probably has more to do with me being so new to linux and especially Mandrake.

Here are the facts:

1. I am using a Linksys WMP11 (not the 2.7 ver)

2. My kernel is 2.4.19-16

3. I have changed the line 23? in the Makefile to the correct kernel version number to get past an error to the effect of can't find   2.4.somethingmdksecure

4. I then ran make install_pci

5. I get an error that says it can't find rhconfig.h... 

I am thinking that this problem probably is that Mandrake uses something like config.h instead of rhconfig.h? Am I close?

If so could you tell me what the config.h filename is and where in the Makefile I would change the value to the correct one.

Thank you,

Dennis Fisher
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