Mojo B. Nichols mojo.nichols at
Tue Jun 24 12:21:07 EDT 2003

I have a DWL 520 PCI card which works intermittenly on a dual
processor 2.4.20 (SMP), running latest release of hostap
(hostap-0.0.3.tar.gz).  By intermittenly, I mean it occasionally
causes the system to freeze every now and then (no mouse, no
ping,etc.).  I feel like it is the cards PCI cards fault, but am not
sure. I would like to eliminate the problem,  should I:

a) replace the PCI card, (if so do you have any recommendations)?
b) get the cvs hostap and comment out line N?
c) stick it in a single processing linux 2.4.20 machine.
d) have patience the next release of hostap will take care of this.

Thanks in advance for any advice,  I'm getting a lot of flack for this card not working, properly.  

Mojo Nichols

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