Denis Vlasenko vda at
Wed Jun 25 04:47:55 EDT 2003

On 24 June 2003 19:21, Mojo B. Nichols wrote:
> I have a DWL 520 PCI card which works intermittenly on a dual
> processor 2.4.20 (SMP), running latest release of hostap
> (hostap-0.0.3.tar.gz).  By intermittenly, I mean it occasionally
> causes the system to freeze every now and then (no mouse, no
> ping,etc.).  I feel like it is the cards PCI cards fault, but am not
> sure. I would like to eliminate the problem,  should I:

I have the same card. I had a habit of running SMP kernels,
but had to give up on hostap case. IMHO hostap locking
is somewhat broken :( It manifests itself as a infrequent
lockups on SMP kernels even on UP boxen.

I have only a hard advice for you. Fix the locking.

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