0.0.3 with DWL-520 - ACK issues?

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Mon Jun 9 02:47:51 EDT 2003


I've been using HostAP for quite sometime (as both an AP and client driver) 
with Dlink DWL-520 cards under Debian (Woody, 2.4.19).  For the last ~8 
months or so I've been using a cvs snapshot from july 2002 (I think?), as it 
seemed the most stable.

Just noticed 0.0.3 was released recently, so I've upgraded all my machines 
to the release.  Things are now a *LOT* slower, with latency skyrocketing.

The wireless setup is outdoor; AP has a 18dbi waveguide, with 4 clients 
between 500m->3km away.  Noise to signal ratio isn't brilliant, but its 
pretty reasonable (400kb/sec transfers with the old drivers).

I see now in syslog on the AP machine I'm getting things like:

Jun  9 16:07:02 netbox kernel: wlan0: 00:05:5d:ee:da:b1 auth_cb - frame was 
not ACKed
Jun  9 16:07:33 netbox last message repeated 1182 times
Jun  9 16:08:01 netbox last message repeated 781 times
Jun  9 16:08:32 netbox last message repeated 688 times

Thing is, with the old drivers, I'd have associations/deassociations a lot 
more, whereas I haven't seen that happen once with the new drivers - not 
sure if these problems are related.

Any clues?


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