0.0.3 with DWL-520 - ACK issues?

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Tue Jun 10 02:07:49 EDT 2003

> Jun  9 16:07:02 netbox kernel: wlan0: 00:05:5d:ee:da:b1 auth_cb -
>  frame was not ACKed
> Jun  9 16:07:33 netbox last message repeated 1182 times
> Jun  9 16:08:01 netbox last message repeated 781 times
> Jun  9 16:08:32 netbox last message repeated 688 times

This is happening consistently now, with every client's mac address, causing
huge issues (i.e. wireless connectivity is not working AT ALL).  Is anybody
else seeing this?

Again - AP & clients are running 2.4.19, hostap 0.0.3.  It's an outdoor deal,
with clients from 0.5km->3km away (noise is reasonably high, but with older
drivers, I didn't have any issues at all).

I'm going back to the July 2002 CVS snapshot - there seems to be a major,
major stability issue here :(


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