PCMCIA driver detect problem

Pavel Král p.kral at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Jun 2 03:45:27 EDT 2003


I have Prism based PCMCIA card (Sparklan WL-311F) in CardBus PCMCIA
slot. The card si recognized by orinoco_cs driver as Prism based
(ident 0x156,0x0002).

I'm running on 2.4.21rc6 with wireless extensions 16 and actual CVS
snapshoot. Compilation was without problems, after 'modprobe
hostap_cs' driver write just this message:

Jun  1 20:47:53 wintermute kernel: hostap_crypt: registered algorithm
Jun  1 20:47:53 wintermute kernel: hostap_cs: CVS (Jouni Malinen
<jkmaline at cc.hut.fi>)

and that's all.  (i.e. no version, and no SSH communcations ... invite

That mean (i suppose) that card is not detected, can I comment out
some detect routines and try what driver do then?
Or anybody has another appointment?

Under winXP, the card runs with no problems, also I flash new firmware
without problems

Pavel Kral aka 'Case' (p.kral at sh.cvut.cz)
icq #9966173

CUT, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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