Symbol/Nortel 4123 PCI Adapter - Port orinoco module to hostap

Ricardo Galli gallir at
Mon Aug 18 08:05:05 EDT 2003

On Monday 18 August 2003 13:34, ARLETH, DANIEL shaped the electrons to shout:
> Hello List,
> after occasionally reading success messages from people using the (really
> great) hostap driver in managed mode for the Symbol/Nortel pcmcia cards, I
> hope I could get some help for my PCI Card here.
> I want to run the Nortel PCI Card (4123) as a member of a bridge(, but the
> symbol support in the Orinoco driver seems not to be ready for this).

You are very confused. 

What do you want to achieve by putting a managed wireless card in a bridge? I 
guess you want to do level 2 bridging. To do it you should have the original 
source MAC (SA) and the final destination MAC (DA), which is _impossible_ in 
a "managed" card, which only deal with "receiving address" (RA) and 
"transmitter address" (TA).

To make it work you need:

a) An AP that is able to bridge between its associated stations and the 
ethernet. The master interface knows the MAC of every associated station and 
the ethernet has the original source and destination MAC, so bridging between 
the ethernet and (only) associated stations is possible.

b) Or, if you want to connect two different LANs, the card/SO needs two extra 
headers (SA and RA), and that the goal of WDS and the four headers (RA, TA, 
SA and DA).

So, put your "bridging" wireless card in master mode and add it to a bridging 
group. Or for managed one you can only do IP routing.

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