how to make my AP work?

??? zhengjr at
Mon Aug 18 08:42:11 EDT 2003

> HostAP doesn't work with tertiary firmware.  It makes secondary
> firmware act as an access point.  If you want to use tertiary firmware,
> use linux-wlan-ng.
> Next time please report version of the software that gives you the
> problem.  Also, a step-by-step explanation of what you are doing would be
> helpful.  Relevant parts of the kernel log (as reported by dmesg) may be
> useful as well.
> -Regards,
> -Pavel Roskin
It's very sorry. I dont say clearly. I use Avaya's wireless PCMCIA card.
so I use HermesAP-0.2. Now, I have installed heremesAP and made it work.
Other PC's wireless device can connect to my wireless interface.
My problem is how to make my AP like bridge, so that others connected to my
AP can
connected to Internet.
Someone tells me to setup NAT or makes my wire card to be shared with all
However I am newbie on wireless and network. So I need more detail to do
Hope people can teach me how to do that or where have information about

-thx ur reply,very appreciate.
-simata(zhengjr at

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