Symbol/Nortel 4123 PCI Adapter - Port orinoco module to hostap

Mon Aug 18 07:34:23 EDT 2003

Hello List,

after occasionally reading success messages from people using the (really
great) hostap driver in managed mode for the Symbol/Nortel pcmcia cards, I
hope I could get some help for my PCI Card here.

I want to run the Nortel PCI Card (4123) as a member of a bridge(, but the
symbol support in the Orinoco driver seems not to be ready for this).
I tried with the module available at
<> .

As far as I can see (with my very basic C knowledge) this module consists of
only a few lines of code to initial the pcmcia card, and then let the
Orinoco driver do its work.
The only thing which has to be changed in the Orinoco driver are two lines
of code in Orinoco.c and Orinoco.h.

void hermes_struct_init(hermes_t *hw, ulong address,
			int io_space, int reg_spacing)
	hw->iobase = address;
>	hw->iobase1 = 0;
>	hw->iobase2 = 0;
       	hw->io_space = io_space;
	hw->reg_spacing = reg_spacing;
	hw->inten = 0x0;

So my hope is, this could be as easy for the hostap driver.

Please don't understand me wrong! I don't ask you for writing a driver for
me! But I can't do it and I hope to hear from you either 
"Forget it! The hostap has got nothing in common with the Orinoco driver, so
the Nortel_pci module is useless for the hostap driver" 
"No problem! Just ask a friend with C knowledge to have a look at it and
change ..........."

Or just gave me any hint how to get my Card running in a bridge.


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