how to make my AP work?

Denis Vlasenko vda at
Fri Aug 22 01:55:52 EDT 2003

On 18 August 2003 15:42, ??? wrote:
> > HostAP doesn't work with tertiary firmware.  It makes secondary
> > firmware act as an access point.  If you want to use tertiary firmware,
> > use linux-wlan-ng.
> > Next time please report version of the software that gives you the
> > problem.  Also, a step-by-step explanation of what you are doing would be
> > helpful.  Relevant parts of the kernel log (as reported by dmesg) may be
> > useful as well.
> > -Regards,
> > -Pavel Roskin
> It's very sorry. I dont say clearly. I use Avaya's wireless PCMCIA card.
> so I use HermesAP-0.2. Now, I have installed heremesAP and made it work.
> Other PC's wireless device can connect to my wireless interface.
> My problem is how to make my AP like bridge, so that others connected to my
> AP can
> connected to Internet.
> Someone tells me to setup NAT or makes my wire card to be shared with all
> devices.
> However I am newbie on wireless and network. So I need more detail to do
> that.
> Hope people can teach me how to do that or where have information about
> that.

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