problems with Linksys WMP11

rpgoldman at rpgoldman at
Thu Dec 19 22:31:19 EST 2002

[I fear that this is a Frequently Asked Question, but I've spent a
couple of hours with the mailing list search and no luck....]

I've been having no end of trouble with my WMP11 card.  I have the
latest hostap, and have it all installed and working.  I am just
trying to use the card in managed mode and connect to a Linksys WAP.

The card DOES become active (I can see it from the WAP).  But I can't
get a working TCP/IP connection no matter what I seem to do.  When I
look at iwconfig's output I see that I'm receiving packets just fine,
but I'm not successfully transmitting ANY.  And they're all misc
failures --- no nwid or encryption failures.

I have checked and the card has the <obscenity> 1.4.2 firmware.  Is
this likely to be causing my problem?  I got the 1.4.9 firmware, but
since I don't have a windows box, I would prefer not to have to flash
it.  I also didn't get any explanation of the firmware files --- there
are just a Pk10100.hex and Sf104090.hex files.  When I try to use
prism2_srec, it complains that the Pk file is inappropriate and the Sf
file is not intended for download to volatile memory.  

As I said, I'm sure this is a frequently-asked question, but I'm a
bear of very little brain, and if anyone could explain, that'd be

With abject gratitude,

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