error loading driver (buffer too small)

Cornelisse cornelisse at
Fri Dec 20 03:37:19 EST 2002

Yes it was wireless tools, version 25 

Using kernel 2.4.20 (on a p100, 24mb ram)

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On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 02:12:44AM +0100, Cornelisse wrote:

> After succesfully compiling the hostap-cs driver and firing it up, the
> following error occours:

> wlan0 (WE) : Buffer for request 8B1B too small (0<23)

That looks like an error message from wireless extensions code in the
kernel. Which version of the kernel are you using? That errors seems to
indicate that the request specified buffer size as 0.. That should
really not happen.. Which program was used to make those WE ioctl calls?
If it was wireless tools (e.g., iwconfig), which version of them?

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