problems with Linksys WMP11

Jason Boxman jasonb at
Fri Dec 20 00:08:40 EST 2002

On Thursday 19 December 2002 10:31 pm, rpgoldman at wrote:
> [I fear that this is a Frequently Asked Question, but I've spent a
> couple of hours with the mailing list search and no luck....]
> I have checked and the card has the <obscenity> 1.4.2 firmware.  Is
> this likely to be causing my problem?  I got the 1.4.9 firmware, but
> since I don't have a windows box, I would prefer not to have to flash
> it.  I also didn't get any explanation of the firmware files --- there
> are just a Pk10100.hex and Sf104090.hex files.  When I try to use
> prism2_srec, it complains that the Pk file is inappropriate and the Sf
> file is not intended for download to volatile memory.

The reported issues with 1.4.2 are indeed true.  You should flash your card if 
you can or upload 1.4.9 into ram each time you warm boot your machine.

> As I said, I'm sure this is a frequently-asked question, but I'm a
> bear of very little brain, and if anyone could explain, that'd be
> fabulous...

You might check:

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> R


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