Accounting support for Radius

Rob Schrack rob at
Wed Dec 18 08:11:42 EST 2002

> Yes, I have started and also finished ;-). Current CVS version of
> hostapd supports RADIUS Accounting (RFC 2866). I have tested this
> successfully with FreeRADIUS, but if someone happens to test it with
> other RADIUS servers, I would be interested in test results. Actually,
> same goes for 802.1x authentication server since I have only used
> FreeRADIUS for that, too.

Excellent timing!  I was just wondering the same thing myself...

I have everything except WEP rekeying working with Steel Belted 
RADIUS 4.0/Enterprise.  Authentication is using TLS with certificates cut
from a Microsoft Enterprise CA.  Client is a Windows 2000 laptop using 
the MS 802.1x authentication client.

Accounting appears to work with it as well.  Starts & stops appear when

Command line is:
hostapd -SSSID -x -o192.168.0.1 -a192.168.0.2 -spwd \
-A192.168.0.2 -Epwd -t300 wlan0

Quick question tho:  If -E is not given, does the password for accounting 
default to the authentication password?

Great work!


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