Linux Rocks! linux at rocksolidnetworks.com
Sat Dec 14 19:48:56 EST 2002

	I guess my issue currenly is with PCMCIA. Even though the card is 3.3v, and 
the craptops dont support 3.3v(Im guessing its the pcmcia controller). the 
cards do  infact work in windows, so while technicly I have a hardware issue, 
it seems that windows 95 and 98 are able to work around it.
	I Tried writing to David Hinds @ his sourceforge address, but it just bounced 
back :( 
	Is there anyone here that is familiar enough with the pcmcia source that 
could help me get the linux pcmcia (Im currently using whatever comes in the 
2.4.20 kernel source). so that my 3.3V cards  work? I figure if windows can 
do it, then damnit linux can do it to (if not better!).

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