"prism2" driver on Zaurus PDA

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Sat Dec 14 19:34:33 EST 2002

I just installed the "Open Zaurus" distribution on my Sharp Zaurus 
5000-D, and am having a bit of trouble with the (older, I'm certain) 
version of the HostAP driver that is installed on that machine.

And I'm further pretty sure I know what the problem is; I just don't 
know if there is anything I can do about it.

The card I put in (a Zcom XI-325) is 5v, but it appears that there is a 
constant setting requiring it to be 3.3?  There is no mention of the 
"cis" stuff in any of the config files in /etc/pcmcia.

Can I just add one like the current hostap_cs.conf, and set ignore_cis to 0?

Below is the dmesg output.  A DLink650 as well as a Mikrotik (Senao) 
200mw card both work just fine, but in both of those cases "cardctl 
status" reports them as 3.3v, not 5.

Thanks if anyone knows a fix. . .


prism2: prism2.c 0.0.0 2002-05-19 (SSH Communications Security Corp, 
Jouni Malinen)
prism2: (c) SSH Communications Security Corp <jkm at ssh.com>
prism2: setting Vcc=33 (constant)
prism2: setting Vcc=33 (from config)
CISTPL_MANFID: 0xd601, 0x0005
Checking CFTABLE_ENTRY 0x01 (default 0x01)
prism2: GetNextTuple: No more items
: card already removed or not configured during shutdown
release - done

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