Cross channel WDS ?!

Joe Parks jphstap at
Thu Dec 12 17:41:36 EST 2002

Strange phenomena:  2 machines, both running hostap driver in Master 
mode with autom_ap_wds=1 and  other_ap_policy=1.  Same ESSID, but 
DIFFERENT channels.  (one on 1 one on 11, but works with ANY 2 channels)

They establish WORKING WDS links to one another!

When the channels differ the WDS links are only ever at 2Mb (11Mb when 
same channel).

Also SNR drops in proportion to the separation between the two channels.

I've tried this with various prism2 based cards and they all do this.   
Shouldn't this NOT happen?  Not that its completely a bad thing, I have 
imagined some interesting uses for this (full duplex with a single card 
anyone?)   This means that the driver is processing packets that it 
probably shouldn't have seen in the first place though, doesn't it?

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