[PATCH] HostAP/Cisco VPN compatibility

Cyrus Behroozi behroozi at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 1 19:54:15 EST 2002

I finally discovered why my laptop could connect fine to our VPN using
Cisco and Lucent wireless cards but not with its built-in PRISM card
running HostAP. The Cisco-supplied VPN client was objecting to devices
that weren't named "ethX"!

Attached is a patch for the 2002-12-01 CVS driver. I added a module
parameter called device_name, similar to the eth parameter in wvlan_cs.
If device_name = 0 (default), the device is called "wlanX"; if it's 1
the device is called "ethX". I haven't tested the patched driver with
anything except a MiniPCI card.

The working setup:
Cisco 3000 series VPN concentrator
IBM ThinkPad X22 with Actiontec 802.11b MiniPCI card
Cisco Systems VPN Client Version 3.7 (vpnclient-linux-3.7.Rel-k9.tar.gz)
Kernel 2.4.20
HostAP driver from CVS, patched

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