[PATCH] HostAP/Cisco VPN compatibility

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard at hazard.maks.net
Sun Dec 1 20:15:31 EST 2002

IMHO you could work around this problem in much simpler way - using
something similar to "ip link set wlan0 name eth1" 

Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 04:54:15PM -0800 Cyrus Behroozi wrote about [PATCH] HostAP/Cisco VPN compatibility

> I finally discovered why my laptop could connect fine to our VPN using
> Cisco and Lucent wireless cards but not with its built-in PRISM card
> running HostAP. The Cisco-supplied VPN client was objecting to devices
> that weren't named "ethX"!
> Attached is a patch for the 2002-12-01 CVS driver. I added a module
> parameter called device_name, similar to the eth parameter in wvlan_cs.
> If device_name = 0 (default), the device is called "wlanX"; if it's 1
> the device is called "ethX". I haven't tested the patched driver with
> anything except a MiniPCI card.

Best Regards
Vladimir Ivaschenko

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