HostAp <-> Atmel AP

Pavel Král p.kral at
Sun Dec 1 15:29:39 EST 2002


this week I tried to manage connection between HostAP and Atmel based
hw AP. Configuration was

kernel 2.4.19-pre11 with latest wireless extension patch (25)
latest hostap from cvs
PCI card SparcLan WL-360F with PRI 1.0.0, SEC 1.5.6
AP SparcLan WX-1590 with atmel fw 1.4j1

Setup hostap to Managed mode and SparcAP to Master worked correctly,
but it's not interresting, isn't it ? :) Well, I tried hostap in
Master(hostap) mode and SparcAP in Managed mode or set up wireless
bridge between them
(ie prism2_param wds_type 4, iwpriv add_wds, brctl ... on hostap side
and 'wireless bridge' option on sparc_ap side) with same result:

hostap wlan0 has
sparc_ap has
host connected thought wired link to sparc_ap has

ping from host -> sparc_ap went ok (wired),
ping from hostap -> sparc_ap went ok (wireless),
however ping from hostap -> host (or reverse) din't work (even thought
'link' LED on SparcAP (and LED on host PCI LAN card) blink
concurrently with ICMP packet sending)

It is probably firmware problem, however could somebody give me point,
how to dig in and try debug what can be wrong?


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