Question on scan results from Aruba AP

Jouni Malinen j at
Sat Feb 21 05:06:31 EST 2015

On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 03:36:51PM -0800, Ben Greear wrote:
> Someone was connecting our ath10k station to their AP, and it seems the
> station only does '/n', even though AP is supposed to be doing /AC.
> The AP is an Aruba IAT-225, and it's scan results are below.

How is this AP supposed to be configured as far as channel(s) are
concerned? And how did you check whether VHT is used?

> I am guessing the problem is in the 'VHT Operation' section?
> Or, does this scan actually look valid (and so problem may be on
> the station?)

Well.. It depends on what this is trying to do.

> 	HT operation:
> 		 * primary channel: 40
> 		 * secondary channel offset: no secondary

This seems to imply that the AP has only 20 MHz channel in use.

> 	VHT operation:
> 		 * channel width: 0 (20 or 40 MHz)
> 		 * center freq segment 1: 0
> 		 * center freq segment 2: 0

And this would also agree with that..

As an example, the mac80211_hwsim test case ap_vht_20 uses similar
configuration and results in this type of scan results. mac80211_hwsim
enables VHT in such configuration (VHT Capabilities is present in
Association Request frame).
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