hosted dynamically ignore/respond to probe request from stations

Jouni Malinen j at
Wed Oct 23 10:23:23 EDT 2013

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 10:16:30AM -0400, Amit Shah wrote:
> Hi jouni thank you for your feedback. Is there another means by which I can
> extend the code base to achieve what I want? The deployment scenario is an
> auditorium ( high density ). I wanted to stop beaconing so neighbouring
> nodes would continue to beacon and a client station would select a
> neighbouring node to connect to. On an aside I don't understand why just
> manipulating ignore_broadcast_request doesn't achieve my hack. Is there
> another area that controls the beaconing outside of beacon.c? Your help is
> greatly appreciated.

You cannot stop beaconing without breaking almost everything (power save
and most stations dropping connection due to missed beacon frames). You
could potentially consider not replying to Probe Request frames from any
station that is not associated with the specific AP to reduce some
traffic, but in general, it is quite difficult to improve high density
cases without changes to the standard (which are being worked on) and
implementations both in the AP and station side.

If you are just trying to steer new stations to other APs, you could
either do some pretty bad hacks (which I would not recommend due to
interop issues with stations) that various enterprise APs use today or
start looking at things that will be coming from new standards
development efforts.

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