hosted dynamically ignore/respond to probe request from stations

Amit Shah ashah at
Wed Oct 23 10:16:30 EDT 2013

Hi jouni thank you for your feedback. Is there another means by which I can
extend the code base to achieve what I want? The deployment scenario is an
auditorium ( high density ). I wanted to stop beaconing so neighbouring
nodes would continue to beacon and a client station would select a
neighbouring node to connect to. On an aside I don't understand why just
manipulating ignore_broadcast_request doesn't achieve my hack. Is there
another area that controls the beaconing outside of beacon.c? Your help is
greatly appreciated.

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 12:37:36AM -0400, Amit Shah wrote:
> > Im trying to write a simple connection saturation algorithm for a bunch
> of linux nodes running hostapd.  On having max_num_sta connection, I want
> hostapd to move into hidden ssid mode (ignore_broadcast_ssid = 0).  I have
> updated src/ap/beacon.c to include a simple conditional statement and
> recompiled successfully, but my ssid still keeps showing up when the node
> is "saturated":
> >
> >     if ( hapd->num_sta >= hapd->conf->max_num_sta){
> >       hapd->conf->ignore_broadcast_ssid = 1;
> >     }else{
> >       hapd->conf->ignore_broadcast_ssid = 0;
> >     }
> In general, I would not recommend using hidden SSID design for anything
> taken into account it is a horrible hack, not compliant with the
> standard, can cause issues with number of clients, and does not really
> do what you are trying to do here. The AP continues to beacon and is
> available in scan results even if it were not to reply to Probe Request
> frames with broadcast SSID.
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