[PATCH 00/20] wpa_s: p2p: support nl80211 P2P_DEVICE interface

Arend van Spriel arend at broadcom.com
Thu May 16 09:28:15 EDT 2013

This patch series adds support for the nl80211 P2P_DEVICE interface
concept. It has been based partly on the patches sent by David Spinadel.
This series differs from that David's series in the fact that the
P2P Device interface is represented by a struct wpa_supplicant instance.

The code changes has been tested with one peer supporting P2P_DEVICE and
one peer with a so-called dummy net device, ie. p2p0. Peers found
each other using p2p_find and connection was established with p2p_connect
using pbc method.

The series is based on master branch and applies on commit

commit 0af2db74787394465edb9ae011e52c2bce33d1c0
Author: Jouni Malinen <j at w1.fi>
Date:   Tue May 14 16:46:38 2013 +0300

    edit: Fix libreadline history clearing with WPA_TRACE

Cc: johannes at sipsolutions.net
Cc: david.spinadel at intel.com

Arend van Spriel (14):
  wpa_s: p2p: create P2P Device interface if supported
  driver: nl80211: handle creation of P2P device interface
  wpa_s: fix wpa_supplicant_init_iface() for P2P Device interface
  wpa_s: p2p: remove call to wpas_p2p_deinit_global()
  driver: nl80211: introduce i802_set_iface_flags()
  driver: nl80211: remove P2P Device interface upon .deinit()
  driver: nl80211: rework setting interface mode
  driver: nl80211: add .get_mac_addr() callback for P2P-Device
  wpa_s: p2p: use configuration file for P2P-Device interface
  driver: nl80211: use wdev id to obtain P2P Device scan results
  driver: nl80211: use wdev_id in nl80211_create_iface_once()
  driver: nl80211: fix P2P group interface creating using P2P Device
  wpa_s: p2p: derive group interface name bit more sensible
  wpa_s: fix l2_packet_init() call for P2P group interface

David Spinadel (4):
  driver: nl80211: rename is_p2p_interface
  driver: nl80211: hold wdev identification for P2P device
  driver: nl80211: add a handler to create_interface
  driver: nl80211: add support for P2P device in add interface

Johannes Berg (1):
  driver: nl80211: allow Android P2P functionality

Nirav Shah (1):
  driver: nl80211: Identify if nl80211 is capable of p2p device

 src/drivers/driver.h              |   12 +-
 src/drivers/driver_nl80211.c      |  405 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 wpa_supplicant/events.c           |    4 +-
 wpa_supplicant/p2p_supplicant.c   |   68 ++++++-
 wpa_supplicant/p2p_supplicant.h   |    1 +
 wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.c   |   32 +--
 wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant_i.h |   11 +-
 7 files changed, 434 insertions(+), 99 deletions(-)


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