Capturing wpa_supplicant -dd output?

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Tue Apr 23 09:55:52 EDT 2013

On 04/02/2013 08:27 AM, The Wanderer wrote:

> I'm trying to gather logs from wpa_supplicant to be able to usefully
> report a problem for advice, and I'm running into an unexpected
> hiccup.
> When I launch wpa_supplicant with appropriate options and '-dd' for
> verbosity, it prints a fairly lengthy flood of information to the
> console. Among this is information which I think may be relevant to
> the problem I want to report.
> If I redirect the output of the exact same wpa_supplicant command
> line, either to a file ('>') or to a pipeline ('|'), no information
> appears to be printed; the file is left at zero size, and the next
> program in the pipeline doesn't appear to receive anything on
> standard input. This happens even when also redirecting stderr into
> stdout first.
> If I instead use the '-f' option to specify an output log file, the
> resulting file does not just contain the launch information; it also
> appears to contain ongoing daemon activity logging, subsequent to the
> launch itself. While this could potentially be helpful in some cases
> (and perhaps even in this one), it is not the information I'm after,
> and makes it harder to filter out just the information I already
> think is relevant.
> Is this intended behavior? If so, how can I capture the text which
> gets output by wpa_supplicant with the '-dd' option? If not, any
> ideas of what might be causing the output to "disappear"?
> Or am I just barking up the wrong tree, and should simply forget
> about the '-dd' output and grab the '-f output.log" output after all?

Anything on this?

Or should I give up on trying to capture output / logs in advance, and
simply report the problem I'm encountering in bare-bones form, then wait
for people to explain what information they need in order to figure
anything out?

    The Wanderer

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