Capturing wpa_supplicant -dd output?

The Wanderer wanderer at
Tue Apr 2 08:27:25 EDT 2013

I'm trying to gather logs from wpa_supplicant to be able to usefully report a
problem for advice, and I'm running into an unexpected hiccup.

When I launch wpa_supplicant with appropriate options and '-dd' for verbosity,
it prints a fairly lengthy flood of information to the console. Among this is
information which I think may be relevant to the problem I want to report.

If I redirect the output of the exact same wpa_supplicant command line, either
to a file ('>') or to a pipeline ('|'), no information appears to be printed;
the file is left at zero size, and the next program in the pipeline doesn't
appear to receive anything on standard input. This happens even when also
redirecting stderr into stdout first.

If I instead use the '-f' option to specify an output log file, the resulting
file does not just contain the launch information; it also appears to contain
ongoing daemon activity logging, subsequent to the launch itself. While this
could potentially be helpful in some cases (and perhaps even in this one), it is
not the information I'm after, and makes it harder to filter out just the
information I already think is relevant.

Is this intended behavior? If so, how can I capture the text which gets output
by wpa_supplicant with the '-dd' option? If not, any ideas of what might be
causing the output to "disappear"?

Or am I just barking up the wrong tree, and should simply forget about the '-dd'
output and grab the '-f output.log" output after all?

    The Wanderer

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