IEEE 802.11w support in wpa_supplicant ("Management frame protection required, but client did not enable it" error)

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Sun May 6 04:46:44 EDT 2012

Michael Zintakis <michael.zintakis at> writes:

>>> wl1251 (Android :-( ).
>> I don't think this driver supports IEEE 802.11w.
> Oh, dear! Do you mean the software driver (which is from TI) or the 
> actual hardware device (wl1251)?
> If it is the software driver then I may have a very small ray of hope 
> that if I could manage to replace TI-supplied wl1251 driver with the 
> Linux wireless-made driver for TI-1251 then this might solve it, right?

So there are two drivers: wilink (or something like that) from TI and
wl1251 mac80211 driver in drivers/net/wireles/. For the mac80211 driver
I have strong doubts that it would support 11w.

But for the wilink driver I have no idea.

Kalle Valo

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