IEEE 802.11w support in wpa_supplicant ("Management frame protection required, but client did not enable it" error)

Michael Zintakis michael.zintakis at
Sat May 5 11:43:16 EDT 2012

>> wl1251 (Android :-( ).
> I don't think this driver supports IEEE 802.11w.
Oh, dear! Do you mean the software driver (which is from TI) or the 
actual hardware device (wl1251)?

If it is the software driver then I may have a very small ray of hope 
that if I could manage to replace TI-supplied wl1251 driver with the 
Linux wireless-made driver for TI-1251 then this might solve it, right?

>> Strange! I do have "CONFIG_EAP_GPSK_SHA256" in my .config file when 
>> compiling the supplicant. Have I missed something?
> At least my comment above pointing out that this parameter has nothing
> to do with IEEE 802.11w.. ;-)

> This looks a bit odd.. WPA-EAP-SHA256 support is conditional on
> CONFIG_IEEE80211W=y, so as long as you have that enabled and have
> rebuilt wpa_supplicant/config.c in that configuration, you should not
> get this error..
This may have something to do with the wpa_supplicant version I am 
using, which is 5.11 and unfortunately, I don't see a way to 
replace/upgrade it unless I manage to switch to the Linux wireless stack 
(compat-wireless) and use the driver supplied there.

>> 1336227344.542935: Management frame protection required, but client did 
>> not enable it
> I would assume that the driver you used does not support setting of the
> MFPC/MFPR flags in RSN IE (which is not too surprising taken into
> account that it does not support IEEE 802.11w).
Is there a way to verify this 100%?

>> So, no luck here either - it times out as before! Any help?
> You may have to change the station driver/hardware to get this working..
If it is the hardware then that is out of the question, at least for 
now. If it is the software driver, then I may have a chance as I pointed 
out above.

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