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Norbert Preining preining at
Wed Aug 22 09:27:29 EDT 2012

On Mi, 22 Aug 2012, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> there was a timeout on authentication, so the next step would be to take
> a look at what the kernel code is doing.

Ok, thanks for the answer. I have now loaded the respective module
with debug=3 and got the following output, many of them:

After wake up from suspend it was still loaded without debug,
at that time it did associate properly, but exactely 1 packet went out,
pinging the router, after that nothing from the router.

Turning on/off the rfkill swithc didn't help.

unloading adn reloading with debug made the situation worse,
no asociation anymore, no scanning, error messages tons in the log:
rtl8192se:rtl92s_phy_bb_config():<0-0> RF_Type(0) does not match RF_Num(4)!!
 rtl8192se:rtl92s_phy_bb_config():<0-0> path1 0xf, path2 0xf, pathmap 0xf
rtl8192se:rtl92s_phy_chk_fwcmd_iodone():<0-0> Set FW Cmd fail!!
rtlwifi:rtl_pci_tx():<200-1> No more TX desc at 6, ring->idx = 0, idx = 0, skb_queue_len = 0x0

Is this here the correct place, or should I divert my questions to
some other list (lkml?)

Thanks a lot


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