wpa_supplicant will not connect to VAP: skip - SSID mismatch

Kyle Evans kevans at android-x86.org
Fri Aug 17 12:33:24 EDT 2012

>> Basically, it will not connect to my DD-WRT repeater/bridge. Near as I
>> can tell this is because of the error "skip - SSID mismatch". With
>> 0.7.3, I could manually set the essid with iwconfig and it would connect
>> instantly. With wpa_supplicant-1, this does not work, but that's a side
>> note. I would like to not use iwconfig at all.
> Are all the networks you have in the scan results using hidden SSIDs?
> Either the driver is completely broken or it just does not know any of
> the SSIDs an is unable to scan for a specific SSID (scan_ssid=1).

No, the virtual AP is broadcasting the SSID. Also, it is the only SSID 
being broadcast. I am fairly certain that wpa_supplicant is seeing the 
client connection from DD-WRT to the internet router as the other SSID 
in the SSID mismatch.

> Have you tried connecting to an AP that broadcasts the SSID? Does that
> work? If not, could you please send a debug log from wpa_supplicant
> showing the failure?

Yes, it will connect automatically to an AP that broadcasts the SSID and 
has no virtual networks.

>> Do you guys know what is going on here? I've tested different versions
>> of supplicant with different driver combinations wext/nl80211, and I
>> have Fedora, Gentoo, and Android-x86 installed with wl.ko, so if you
>> would like some logs or something let me know. My device is 14e4:4315
> I have no idea how wl.ko works with hidden SSIDs and scanning of
> specific SSIDs.

It seems as though it doesn't do it at all. I think the reason Fedora 
and Android (both using wpa_supplicant as a backend) will connect using 
this driver is because they pay no attention to the other SSID's.

I should think that having the bssid stated in the config file should 
provide wpa_supplicant sufficient information to connect to both virtual 
and hidden SSID networks (i.e. If the scan results return a bssid that 
is next on the priority list, force the essid similar to 'iwconfig set 
essid ssid'). I guess that would be a software improvement request 
though. Does anyone on this list take those?


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