wpa_supplicant will not connect to VAP: skip - SSID mismatch

Jouni Malinen j at w1.fi
Fri Aug 17 10:44:17 EDT 2012

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 11:55:31AM -0400, Kyle Evans wrote:
> First, let me say, I am using a proprietary driver, wl.ko from broadcom. 
> This is my first time trying to use that driver with only wpa_supplicant 
> in Gentoo. Previously, I had used wireless-tools.
> Basically, it will not connect to my DD-WRT repeater/bridge. Near as I 
> can tell this is because of the error "skip - SSID mismatch". With 
> 0.7.3, I could manually set the essid with iwconfig and it would connect 
> instantly. With wpa_supplicant-1, this does not work, but that's a side 
> note. I would like to not use iwconfig at all.

Are all the networks you have in the scan results using hidden SSIDs?
Either the driver is completely broken or it just does not know any of
the SSIDs an is unable to scan for a specific SSID (scan_ssid=1).

Have you tried connecting to an AP that broadcasts the SSID? Does that
work? If not, could you please send a debug log from wpa_supplicant
showing the failure?

> Do you guys know what is going on here? I've tested different versions 
> of supplicant with different driver combinations wext/nl80211, and I 
> have Fedora, Gentoo, and Android-x86 installed with wl.ko, so if you 
> would like some logs or something let me know. My device is 14e4:4315

I have no idea how wl.ko works with hidden SSIDs and scanning of
specific SSIDs. If you need to connect to a network that does not
advertise the SSID properly, you may have to use ap_scan=2 mode to make
wpa_supplicant request the driver to associate with the AP.

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