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Wed Apr 22 18:57:04 EDT 2009

On Mon, 2009-04-20 at 08:25 +0000, santosh kumar upadhyaya wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to use blob for EAP-TLS authentication .
> Actually , I am using wpa supplicant version 0.6.9.
> I have tried to run EAP-TLS from Linux laptop.
> I generated the CA certificate and client certificate , private key
> and gave the path in the configuration(wpa_supplicant.conf) file.
> After that EAP-TLS worked fine for me.(from Linux laptop with
> certfiactes and private keys as files)
> As I need to port this to a embedded platform , I am trying use the
> certificates as BLOBS.

Why is that?  You can tell the supplicant to just use PEM files on your
embedded host wherever you put the files.  If you really want to use
blobs for some reason though...

> Can anybody help me in this .
> I want to know , how do I get the blobs from the .pem certificates.
> To be precise , I want to know how do I convert the files( CA
> Cert(.pem) , Client Cert(.pem) and Private key(.prv)) to blobs.
> Is there any standard utility to do this ???

Just grab the base64 data from between the ----BEGIN CERTIFICATE---- and
----END CERTIFICATE---- and paste that into the blob int he supplicant
config file.

> And where these blobs will be loaded ???
> Can I put these blobs in the flash or NVRAM and access as array of
> char ???

No, they'll have to live in the wpa_supplicant config file, or else on
your filesystem unless you want to hack up wpa_supplicant.


> Regards
> Santosh
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