Boris boris at
Wed Jul 23 09:16:32 EDT 2008

Jouni Malinen schrieb:
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:44:25AM +0200, Boris wrote:
>> Now my asking is how to switch channels. I already tried setting
>> wireless-channel in /etc/network/interfaces with no success. The Alix-AP
>> still uses channel 1.
>> The leaf software is handled in standard manner. As far as I know, they
>> don't change anything concerning the way the driver has to be
>> configured. I already asked the leaf-user-list and got the hint to set
>> the channel and channel_policy in the hostapd.conf:
> channel_policy is not a valid configuration option for the open source
> hostapd.
>> driver=madwifi
>> channel=8
> Please also note that madwifi does not actually use the channel
> configuration from hostapd (unlike some other drivers). In other words,
> if you want to change the channel, you will need to do this with
> iwconfig.

Hej Jouni,

that's a word! Thank you very much for that very concrete answer! Now I
know which way to go!


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