Bugs in WPS Enrollee

Ted Merrill ted at atheros.com
Mon Nov 19 16:32:11 EST 2007


Thanks for the feedback.  That was code that Atheros had been using but it was 
clearly of low quality.  I'm nearing completion of a rewrite which will be 
much better.  I've also released a work-in-progress release which Jouni 
placed at:
Please keep in mind that this is far from finished but it is released in order 
to get feedback.
It works (under Linux!) but has the following deficiencies (at least):
-- It does not do scanning, which is an important part of the WPS procedure 
(you must specify the SSID to use).
-- Many operations are performed in the wps_enrollee program that would be 
better done in the wpa_supplicant program.
-- It does not have any code to e.g. rewrite the wpa_supplicant configuration, 

These problems will be addressed in my next release (how to save the results 
of the WPS operation may take some more thought).

-Ted Merrill
Atheros Communications


Hi all,
I have tried to compile WPS Enrollee code(wps_enrollee-20071029.tgz) on 
linux Environment, it's not compiled,
after i change "#include <linux/if.h> " as "#include <net/if.h>" in 
l2_packet.h and ieee80211_ioctl.h it is working.

One more problem is in "wsc_parse_config(struct wsc_drv *wsc_drv, char 
*config)" function, all local variables declared as 10 byte arrays,
And  trying copy 16 bytes of data , this is causing some corruption on 
stack(Here i have replaced all buffers with single local buffer of 
32bytes ).


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