[Madwifi-devel] hostapd/madwifi IAPP?

Michael Taylor mike.taylor at apprion.com
Mon Nov 19 14:00:06 EST 2007


IAPP works with madwifi.  The functionality is handled entirely by 

Interesting to note, however, is that you cannot use the multi-BSSID 
support of hostapd with madwifi.  I've made some changes locally to try 
and ameliorate that, but bssid mask calculation and validation is not 
needed with madwifi and hostapd's numbering assumptions are incompatible 
with madwifi. 

Multiple instances of hostapd with multiple madwifi VAPs can be used for 
multi-BSSID.  With IAPP, however, this poses a problem because each 
instance of hostapd may want to bind to the same interface for IAPP. 

We ultimately we went a different route and modified hostapd to have a 
dedicated IAPP daemon that multiple hostapd instances talk to in order 
to share the socket.

- M

Dennis Borgmann wrote:
> Hello list members of madwifi-devel and hostapd!
> I am wondering, if the combination of madwifi and hostapd provides
> IAPP-functionality and if so, I would like to know, which
> functionalities are working at this point of time.
> Espeacially functionality regarding roaming would be interesting to me.
> Thank you in advance for informations,
> Dennis Borgmann
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