Installing HOSTAP on Fedora Core 6

Archana Rajagopal archana.gopal at
Sat Nov 17 00:38:24 EST 2007

    I am trying to setup a Linux Access Point.I am using Fedora Core
6(Kernel version 2.6.18).The wireless card I am using is Linksys WPC11.I am
new to both HostAP and kernel configuration.I have done the following to
setup the Access Point (without success).
1) I compiled a custom kernel and booted it.It already had the following
modules loaded on boot:

    The system detected the wireless card on its own and I could access the
Internet with some modifications to the ESSID.This is in the Managed mode
and on eth0 interface.
2)Now ,I created a new interface wlan0 (which again worked well for managed
mode) and added the line in /etc/modules.conf
                 alias wlan0 hostap_pci
3)Now when I try to set Master mode on the interface (using iwconfig)it says
                     Set Mode : Operation Not supported
                     Set Frequency : Operation not supported

I am not sure if what I have done is correct.I have the PCMCIA package built
into the kernel.Do I need any other drivers?Is anyother driver not allowing
HostAP driver to use the interface?Please clarify.
Thank You.

Archana Rajagopal
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